Resume Review


Resume Review


Your resume review is 100% money back satisfaction guaranteed. If for whatever reason you feel we've missed the mark, you can keep the updates, edits, and comments, and also receive a full refund. 

We offer that guarantee because we know we'll likely never have to use it. Here's why: most people struggle with writing a resume that effectively captures what they can bring to a new job opportunity and the recruiter, HR professional, and/or hiring manager they're interacting with. Most often, people resort to a laundry list of tasks they were assigned in the past (not helpful!) or water down their achievements (not helpful either!) as to not sound boastful. What they miss is the fact that they're going about it all wrong.

The resume should show the hiring manager that you are the solution to his or her problem, and demonstrate how you've solved their problem(s) in other contexts. That's the magic. But it's not easy!

We've reviewed resumes in nearly every industry, from those with no work experience to those who had to choose which decades of experience to highlight, and everywhere in between. 

We know what catches a recruiters eye, and we know what catches a hiring managers eye. 

We're ready to help you get the resume your career deserves.  


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If you need assistance on taking the next step and preparing for an interview, contact us today. We can help make sure your resume and more importantly, you, are ready for the occasion.