The Job-Specific Resume, and why I love movie theaters

Typically, we dust off and update our resume when we are ready to go after a new job. Most often, in my experience, is that people simply update their most recent job with duties and achievements (remember, your resume should be a highlight reel, not a trophy case) and glance at the copy to be sure there aren't typos.

I'm here to tell you that's not nearly enough.

For every job (or at LEAST every type of job, management, customer service, compliance, risk, operations, etc.) for which you apply, you need to have a unique resume.  

You have unique transferable skills that you can highlight in past roles that don't apply to all future roles.

For example...

I once demonstrated risk mitigation and complaint management from a brief role I had as an Assistant Manager at a movie theatre. Yes, risk mitigation and complaint management from a movie theatre job.

I also used that same movie theatre role to demonstrate marketing, customer relations, and employee satisfaction.

Two wildly different sets of skills (all true, which is important), and each transferred perfectly into different jobs I was pursuing. 

God bless that job at that movie theatre. 

But if I'd just listed job duties associated with the gig, I'd have lost the chance to demonstrate a transferable skill that qualified me for a specific job in the future (two, in fact). 

You can't assume people will connect the dots. You must be crystal clear and specific on what the job taught you (and qualified you!) for the job you have you're sights set on.

Your resume most be tailored to the job you want.

If you need help tailoring a resume, I can help. Reach out today and let's get you on track!