Hi, there! Sam Mahlstadt here.

While I am the voice behind CareerRocket.org, I have to admit the content represented on this site is a culmination of my experience working alongside strong leaders in the non-profit and financial services industries. I owe many brilliant minds and big hearts who invested in me - this is my attempt to pay it forward. And of course, the saying that you can learn as much from a bad boss as a good boss is oh so true, so some of the content is inspired by the not-so-great individuals I have worked alongside as well. :)

Over the span of my relatively short career in corporate America, I have seen rapid growth in scope of responsibility as well as salary. The natural byproduct of that growth is that I am young compared to those in peer roles. Because of that, I've been afforded the opportunity to help other young leaders grow in their careers.

I love helping people discover their natural hardwiring and strengths, and leveraging that be a truly unique leader and remarkably valuable asset. This understanding results in a deeper sense of purpose in people's work, and also places people on a fast track in their careers as they unlock their potential. It's a fun process to be a part of!

My goal with this site is to provide tips, tricks, hacks, and advice on how to level up your career. And to do so the right way, not cutting corners or sacrificing integrity, but rather by earning trust, exercising influence, learning how to effectively manage your story, and more. 

Due to time constraints (I work a full-time job and have a wife and four daughters under the age of 6) I have limited offerings. However, I'm only an email away if I can help you in any way (click the Contact US button at the bottom of this page) and am always willing to do a phone consultation to those who need direction. I do also take requests for personalized or group coaching, but only upon request and as time allows. 

I wish you the sincerest best of luck, and am here to help you level up your career in any way I can.